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Please Note  : A Message from the Pen of Kieran Young Re : Digging Competitions

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Please Note  :

A Message from the Pen of Kieran Young Re : Digging Competitions


In conjunction with The Mourne All Ireland Digging Competition, this years competition will be held at The Rockview Harriers Annual Hound, Terrier, Lurcher and Pet Show, at Seven Houses Coursing Ground, Danesfort, Co Kilkenny, near Junction 9, M9 Motorway, on Sunday 6th May, For the South of Ireland.


For the North of Ireland, The Mourne All Ireland Digging Competition will be held at Breandan Coleman’s Show Sunday 10th June 18.


The winners will automatically qualify for next years final and teams names will be added to both perpetual trophies for 2018.  Big thanks to Johnny Dicker and Breandan Coleman for their help in keeping the competition alive and kicking. And also big thank you to Pat and Kevin from the West Meath Club for their help over the last couple of seasons.


The ladies title is also still up for grabs,  if any of the girls in our sport want a crack at it.


Thanks and enjoy your summer



Yours in Sport


Kieran Young.




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    • By appleblossom
      Tully Castle Dog Show Saturday 11thAugust 18
      Tully Castle lies on the hill overlooking the west shore of Lower Lough Erne, with the waters edge flapping around the perimeter of the Castle grounds.  This impressive Castle is the remains of a fortified house and bawn, and is set on beautiful Tully Point.  This beautiful backdrop was the venue for Tully Castle Festival and Dog Show Saturday 11thAugust 18.
      The weather was very kind to us all day, and as the Churchill Brass Band played in the background, this added to the atmosphere and enjoyment of the Festival. There was a nice crowd of people there, all out for a days enjoyment among family and friends.  
      The Festival commenced at 1.00pm, and  very soon the grounds of the Castle had filled up with young and old, all out enjoying the fun and frolics of this annual festival. There was Bouncy Castles for the children, and many stands for the grown ups to browse around and take some bargains home.   
      The Dog Show began at 2.00pm. 
      Here are the showing Results.
      Overall Champion Terrier
      Paul Elliott with Susie
      Overall Champion Lurcher
      Maurice Mc Dowell with Poacher
      Chontelle Mc Meekan with Grey.
      Overall Champion Whippet
      Fiona Devlin with Mick
      Overall Champion Gun Dog
      Niall O Cloghan with Grouse
      Best Local Dog 
      Paul Elliott with Susie
      Overall Supreme Champion and Best in Show
      Maurice Mc Dowell with Poacher
      Reserve Supreme Champion
      Fiona Devlin with Mick
      A Big Congratulations to all above winners and well done, and a big thank you to the Lord Mayor for presenting the Championship prizes on the day.
      I must not forget the lady of the day. Yes Norma Heap on the PA system. Norma, in your own very special way, you kept us all well informed of the ring classes and the winners. Thank you for that Norma,  everything went without a hitch. A few very important ladies who helped in and out of the ring : Nicola Heap/Sue Hogg/Florence Corrigan and Carol Robinson. You all done a wonderful job ladies and it was a pleasure for John and Myself to work along side you all.
      And Finally, Finally, a special word of thanks to Scott Fallis and Wesley Scott, and your brilliant back up team. I know a lot of hard graft and sleepless nights went into organising this very successful Festival and Dog Show. Scott, Wesley, and team without your input and organisational skills, this day would not of been possible. We really enjoyed the show and the beauty of Tully Castle” and many thanks for the memories again this year. 
      Already looking forward to next years Festival and Dog Show.
      Margaret Mc Stay

    • By AlbertJ
      START : 10.00 AM SHARP
    • By appleblossom
      Sporting Whippet Club NI Dog Show and Race Day Sunday 5THAugust 18.
      Sitting on the outskirts of the bustling town of Ballymena is Ballee Playing Fields. This superb location with its well maintained lawns was the venue for the 4th Sporting Whippet Club NI Sunday the 5thAugust 18. 
      As the sun broke through the clouds, it was evident another great day was on the cards for the Sporting Whippet Club NI. From 10.30am onwards the good canine folk, both from inside and outside the whippet club began arriving in the field, all kitted out for another good day of racing and showing.  And that was what was delivered on the day. 
      The childrens slipping race was a big attraction on Sunday, and really brought out the umph in these young slippers. Our young sporting girls and boys are our Country Sports people of tomorrow, so let them walk in our footsteps, if only for a little while. And taking those steps, they certainly showed the grown ups how to slip a dog.
      The racing heats started at approximately 12.00pm, followed by the showing, with the finals ran after the showing. 
      Here are the Results from the show.
      Showing Results
      Childrens Handling Class
      Judge : Margaret Mc Stay

      1st Cormac Mc Killion with Diff
      2nd Abbie Fyffe with Bindy
      3rd Conghal Burke with Lilly
      **Show Judge for the Day : 
      Lisa Dumigan**
      Baby Puppy
      1st Nicky Fyffe with Bindy
      2nd Janet Duke with Elliot
      3rd Colin Tucker with Cooper
      Whippet Dog
      1st Janet Duke with Oscar
      2nd John Mc Stay with Jack
      3rd Dean Spence with Rinty
      Whippet Bitch
      1st Davy Fyffe with Roxie
      2nd Tracy Gill with Scarlet
      3rd Margaret Mc Stay with PIP
      Racing Whippet
      1st Janet Duke with Oscar
      Veteran Whippet
      1st Tracy Gill with Finlay
      Whippet Pairs
      John Mc Stay with Jack and Jill
      2nd Megan Tucker with Cooper and Bindy
      3rd Tracy Gill with Scarlet and Finlay
      **Best in Show went to Davy Fyffe with Roxie
      **Reserve Best in Show went to Janet Duke an Oscar
      Racing Results
      KC Race
      Grade C
      1st Dean Spence with Rinty
      KC Grade B
      1st  John Mc Stay with PIP
      2nd  Lisa Dumigan with Frankie
      KC Grade A
      1st Janet Duke with Oscar
      2nd Gabriel Frank with Dash
      3rd Dean Spence with Posey
      KC Veteran Race
      1st Tracy Gill with Finlay
      2nd Paul Morrison with Sonny
      Non KC Race
      1st Granny Fyffe with Roxie
      2nd Sean Burke with Lilly
      Best Race of the Day was the Children's Slip :
      Joint First 
      Abbie Fyffe and Conghal Burke
      2nd  Jack ( Dident get Name ) 
      3rd Lily (Didn't get her name either)
      Get them in practice for next Sporting Whippet Club NI on the 26th of August 18
      And Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank   our Judge of the day on Sunday, Lisa Dumigan for a duty well done. Judging is a difficult job at any time, but you carried out your remit with due care and attention. Many thanks Lisa for that. 
      And Finally, Finally, we had a lovely day on Sunday, and another memorable day in Ballymena. Thank you for coming out and supporting “The Sporting Whippet Club NI”  and  look forward to seeing you all back again, along with your friends and their  whippets who have not made their way to  Ballymena yet.
      **Next Sporting Whippet Club NI Show and Race day at Ballee Playing Fields, Ballymena will be on Sunday 26thAugust for our 5thshow of the year.**
      Don’t you forget now.    
      Margaret Mc Stay
    • By appleblossom
      Gene Gallaghers Dog Show and Race Day at Sligo Agricultural Show, Grange, Co Sligo Saturday 4thAugust 18.
      Located in the scenic valley between Ben Bulben mountain and the Atlantic Ocean, lies the village of Grange, Co Sligo. This was the venue for Gene Gallaghers Dog Show and Race Day Saturday 4thAugust 18.
      As we arrived early, with the dog show being part of the Agriculture Show, we had time for a walk through the stands and soak up the Carnival buzz that was ozzing out across the Sligo Countryside.  The craic and the banter was brilliant, and the atmosphere was electric.  
      Every Agricultural animal you could mention was on show. Cows, sheep, horses, various stands, water bubbles, bouncy Castles, water slides for the children, and many more attractions on offer to many to mention. 
      Time passes so quickly, it was soon time to head back to the dog show on site. Although the crowd was small, there was a good turnout of dogs, especially in the Terrier ring. 
      Racing started at 12.30 followed by the showing. 
      Here are some Racing Results :
      1/John Mc Stay with PIP
      2/Colin Maguire with Sally
      Over 23
      1/Billy and Kirsty Harpur with Joker and also winner of the Master Mc Grath
      2/Billy and Kirsty Harpur with Regal
      Mick The Miller
      1/Barry Holland with Bell
      2/Barry Holland with Snowy
      ***Showing Results***
      ***Champion PUP
      George Gott with Elvis
      ***Overall Champion Whippet
      Colin Maguire with Sally
      Reserve Champion
      Margaret Mc Stay with PIP
      ***Overall Champion Lurcher
      Kirsty Harpur with Regal
      Reserve Champion
      Niall O Cloghan with Sally
      ***Overall Champion Terrier
      Terence Mc Laughlin with Woody
      Reserve Champion
      Billy Craig with Hanratty ( Handled by Chontelle Mc Meekan )
      ***Overall Champion and Best in Show
      Terence Mc Laughlin with Woody
      A Big Congratulations to Terence, and  all above winners.
      And Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank the judges on the day for a job well done. Phil Owens Whippets and Lurchers /Terrier Judge. Judging is not an easy job at any time, but you carried out your duties very fair. Some lovely photographs of the day on my time line at the moment.
      And Finally, Finally,  I would like to thank Gene Gallagher and his back up team for another very enjoyable dog show.  You made Saturday a most special and enjoyable day for all the good Canine folk in and out of the show ring. 
      We really enjoyed every moment of it Gene, and look forward to more of the same next year. 
      Margaret Mc Stay
    • By appleblossom
      My Updated Dog Show/Racedays/Game Fairs list for 2018.**UP DATED  2nd August 18 (A Few Changes)
      Saturday 4th August 18
      Gene Gallaghers Dog Show as part of Sligo Agricultural Show at Grange ,Co Sligo. There will be classes for Terriers, Lurchers, and Whippets, and a full racing schedule. Along with the dog show, come along and join in all the fun of the fair.
      Sunday 5th August 18 ( Please note New Venue ) 4th Show.
      The Sporting Whippet Club NI are having their 4th Dog Show and Race Day on Sunday 5th August at Ballee Playing Fields, Ballee Road West, Ballymena, Co Antrim. BT42 2HS. Full details nearer the time.
      Monday 6th August (Bank Holiday Monday )
      Lisgoold Dog Show, Bank Holiday Monday August 6th. All proceeds go to Marymount Hospice. Show will take place In Lisgoold Village 7km north of Midleton Co.Cork . Show  starts at 1pm. Usual classes for All breeds and pets.
      Saturday 11th August
      Tully Castle Dog Show only. ( Please note there will be no racing at this show )Lough Shore Road,Churchill, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh. BT93 6HP. This show is a qualifier for the 5 Nations at Shanes Castle 2019.
      Sunday 12th August 18
       Now Free
      Sunday 19th August 18
      Charity Champion of Champion Dog Show and Race in aid of Autism, organised by Mickey Quinn at Annaghmore Race Track, Annaghmore ,Co Armagh. Full advertisement on this site. 
      Sunday 26th August 18
      The Sporting Whippet Club of NI will be holding their 5th show of the year. ( Full details later)
      Sunday 16th September 18 ( Please note New Venue ) 6th Show.
      The Sporting Whippet Club NI are having their 6th Dog Show and Race Day on Sunday 16th September at Ballee Playing Fields, Ballee Road West, Ballymena, Co Antrim. BT42 2HS. Full details nearer the time.
      Margaret Mc Stay