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Beddy x whippet

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150 is plenty for a pup.these 2 were gifted the way it should be a good home is more important than money 

Must be a mix up no one could be selling a pup and looking for a pup same way bred , may as well sell it to them sens then they get a pup , make some money and don't have to travel It's like eati

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3 hours ago, W. Katchum said:

Show me where iv took a free dog, or do ye mean the Plummer that was gifted to my lad, surely ye not that much of a prick 🤔 then again maybe not, an for yer info iv never sold a dog in me life an onlybjad couple gifted an both were kept under the agreement I made with breeders an worked accordingly an   Never passed in or bred off.


aint your dogs gifted??😂😂😂😀😉

Lmao..quick grab the landing net..ive hooked a biggie with tiny legs...

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1 hour ago, Daniel cain said:

He got them through plain old arse licking and blowing smoke and manfat up fellas bum hole don😂😂😂👍

Lol...the welsh pykey spouting off now too haha..listen pigeon head you have never had a good terrier in your life..any shite you ever had was bought son and is still shite..your on here every whip about posting pictures of pups ffs ...I dont think youve ever had a terrier you had 60 digs with..your that much of a clown you have to travel 100s a miles to get a dig lol.. I get phone calls to take good blood on lol and have 1000s of acres to go at so can throw work at them 3 times a week you get 3 digs a year and think your sammy the spade... you said your at terriers years and you still have f**k all to show for it..now run along Danielle...😉

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Lol, you stick to muffing arse bellend and talking shite behind tidy doglads backs don't worry what I do or what I kennel. Difference with me to you is I try and  breed my own pups from my own grafters, if the dogs dirt then it's dead you mug, got 4 terrier bitches here, and could peddle the f**k out of them if I was that way inclined (get enough lads asking me for stuff) I want money then I graft for it.... Not breeding dogs to line my pockets. I've bought 4 terriers in my life, 2 of which I started with in 94,one 6 yrs ago and a chocolate bitch 7 months old in my kennel . I don't pick or choose what they see or ground their dug in...... I' ll drop a dog in places clowns like yourself would take folks to watch them fail😉and get the result. Give me the details and I will get on a ferry travel over to you??? Or you gonna shit out and back peddle??? Any dog can look good being dug in the same places same county..... I dig  up and down the uk.....chalk, sand, shale, duff, clay lol.... That's when you know if you got a good un. You come across as a first class wanker, but I will give you the chance to prove me wrong? Or just go back to talking shit looking to get a rise out of folks? What's it to be fella? 

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