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mark williams

Hunting with spring rifles,- The T Rex 200 HC MK3.

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Put yesterdays final zero to the test tonight lads, she did not disappoint .

Took a young rabbit with a 44 yd head shot, - instant despatch.


My concentration then switched to Wood Pigeons coming into the high canopy.

                 I took the two presentations before me within half an hour of each other.

                 This one being retrieved by Kaiser from a deep ravine .


Same ravine, up he comes with the second bird.


I just adore shooting spring rifles, and the test and challenge they give to your shooting skills.


Loved my shooting session this evening lads  :good:


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Good shooting Mark :good:


It feels like an age since I've been out :sad:

 ....... I really must get that sorted as soon as I've found a new motor :yes:

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good shooting I love my spring guns

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Nice to see your still out getting a few 

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