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Rat Poison Question

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Wondered if anyone on this section could give me some advice?

Lots of signs recently gone up in park where I often walk the dog, and bait boxes.

‘Anti-coagulant’ ‘risk of secondary poisoning’

Dif... something. 

My dog has never been worked but is an averagely inquisitive 2 year old. 

Should I avoid this park? Put him on a lead? Stop being neurotic old woman and just leave him sniff / find at will?

Chap I know to say hello to, who has a young lurcher he works, says to avoid area altogether as rats will travel and pee and their trail will be toxic to dogs. 

PS sorry about the font change.... am techno dimbo..

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If you want to risk having your dog poisoned and chance of it dying then keep walking it in the park. If that was me I wouldn’t walk my dog there if someone paid me. Just not worth chancing better to be save then sorry springs to mind 

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The signs are there for a reason

This would mean that the pest control being carried out is to warn people that its going on in that park.

The rat poison sounds like Difenacoum or difethialone the lethal dose on average for you dog to eat of difenacoum would be 50 milli grammes per kilo of your dog. A rat needs to eat 1.8 milli grammes per kilo so thats a massive rat. On the other hand it would only need to eat between 4-11 milli grammes of difethialone per kilo of the dogs body weight to kill the dog.

Can the poison kill your dog if it ate it..... Yes without doubt, but I doubt that the poison is spread out so you dog could ever get to it. If the pest control company have been stringent enough to put out signs I would say the poison is placed safely where it needs to be. The chap with the lurchers obviously hasn't got a clue what he is on about. "Pee being toxic enough to kill your dog"

Could you dog die from licking smelling or eating the rat pee... NO even if it were to eat the rats poisoned poo then the chances of secondary poisoning are very low unless it eats lot which I am sure it won't find if it spent all day there.

Should you be careful... Yes keep it on a lead or walk it elsewhere for a few weeks until the sign has gone. Then walk around with it on a lead to make sure that there is nothing obvious or any dead rodents for the dog to pick up prior to feeling 100% safe.


I hope this all makes sense if not PM me

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As long as you take reasonable precautions, there's more chance of your dog being struck by lightning in the park than getting poisoned. In this risk-averse society, if there was the slightest chance of someone's dog getting poisoned and claiming against the company and/or park, the signs would say to keep your dogs away.

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21 minutes ago, EDDIE B said:

Thought most modern rat poisons were pretty safe for dogs, unless eaten in large quantity's?

No all poisons modern or old will kill your dog.

Some poisons need more than others. But they all will kill thats what they are designed to do.

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