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    • By Terrierboy16
      Hi, I have a 5 year old JRT and he seems to be Keen on the ratting and rabbiting and I am just wondering would he still be keen on the Charlie’s? Bare in mind he’s tame though. So I was just wondering if anyone could help me please?
    • By Harry255
      Gonna be looking for a whippet to put to my bitch later on in the year dont wanna go much further than 2 hours from haverhill Suffolk would appreciate if any you lads can help cheers 

    • By Milgi
      This may be of interest - eBay item number: 113981413033
    • By Loin
      Best times for day hunting with no ferrets just a 14 month old pup? 
    • By #lurchergame
      I have a a saluki/bull whippet x collie greyhound. She is 9.5 weeks old, I have done basic retrieving with her since 8 weeks, can anyone offer any advice on taking this retrieve out of a confined area and when to increase it?
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