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Any 1 planning a litter of firstx bull greyhound puppies

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Let's be real.Anyone who's got a top quality bulldog bitch ain't going to be breeding it to a poxy greyhound  to produce a litter of old lurchers.A top quality bulldog bitch is only gunna be bred to a

Never been able to see the point in the reverse 3/4 bred.What quarry species do we have in the UK that a decent half cross isn't going to do a better job on? and if you are needing to breed your 1/2 c

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1 minute ago, Busher100 said:

I suppose with the generation bred half xs you can select for traits which might not always happen in a first x litter  like longer length of leg ect

Yes and lot easier to find I wouldn't know anyone with the terrier to use expect people do tho

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Guest Navek

Not many people going admit to breeding a first cross you’d be admitting to either owning a full bull bitch or knowing someone with a full bull dog so unless your from Ireland most people going keep quiet and not want it plastered on the net as no one knows who’s watching ......

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I'd say the average lurcherman ( me included) don't know the people or where to look. Importing semen would be easier to find off a ch dog abroad then finding a dog of the same calibre in the uk but will be alot more expensive but if i were breeding a first x bull that's the way I'd go

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