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Seen the soldiers wearing these jackets in various parts of the world,..and always fancied one for myself.

I've been using a Sealand Fleece, but it's not a patch on my Softee...

So glad that I purchased a genuine Softee jacket,...super warm item of clothing,..not waterproof and no way suitable, for a bush, busting hedgerow ferreter, but ideal for having a mouch around, high up on the Southern Downs. I would fancy that the Dales hunters would also find these cheap and cheerful, used military jackets, just right for their tough old game. 

 I know from experience just how chilly it can get 'oop on Tops'..brrr...:icon_eek:

 As I say, no good in the driving rain, but for a fair weather ferreter such as myself,..fecking perfect...:thumbs:




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Love a good fleece type myself and if you wear them as much as I do the dirt usually waterproofs them anyways, :laugh:.

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Cracking jackets iv got 2, ashamed to say one covered on muck an placenta an hanging in barn 😂😬 also a very good older friend of mine gave me an softee sleeping bag an liner an it’s never failed me yet

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