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hello everyone,

i dont know if this is in the right section or not but here goes, i am interested in birds of prey and would like to get into falconry, never had any experience handling them or anything so i'm really just after some advice on where to start, any reading material you could recommend is good for me, i find that is a good way for me to learn, also anyone local to me that could offer any advice or needs any help ? i live in stanley, county durham. will help in any way i can, just looking to make a start ya know,

thanks in advance


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Hi everyone. I have always wanted to own my own hawk and go out hunting. I have read a few books, and also went out with someone to learn abit about it. This was a few years ago now and since my son has got older, I have more time.

I was wondering whether there was anyone in the Worcestershire area who wouldn't mind showing me the ropes and introducing me into the world of falconry. Any help would be great.

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