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Shotgun cert

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Had the firearms officer around today was only here all of 10 mins seemed happy enough said its up to hes boss now to make the desicion. He said hes happy and i should be granted my sgc. My question is how long will i have to wait usially from now he wernt clear on that part. 

Also give me some decent recommendations for sub £500 for a 12 bore o/u. 

Regards Rob

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It does vary from one police authority to another. In North Linc's the grant period they try to reach is 12 to 14 weeks but that is being reached with people waiting 6 months or more and was certainly the case for a friend of mine.

Regarding o/u shotguns, your best solution is to save some more money whilst waiting for your SGC as £500 will not buy you much in terms of quality. The big three names to look for are Beretta, Browning and Miroku. Any of these will both out last you and out perform you so be rest assured they represent a sound purchase.

If you have to stay with your budget, there are a few others you can consider Lincoln, Winchester or Rizzini. All these will need to be bought s/h for your budget.

Whilst I am not a big fan of the semi auto but they do represent good value however they are not always welcome at a number of clay shooting grounds.

Try to find an RFD who will take you to try a few guns or visit a clay ground where you could again try some guns. Let me know where you live and I will try to point you in the right direction.


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Its the piece of string question, waiting times can be days to many months, things change, even in the same region.

Lots of guns out there for £500, probably best to shoulder as many as you can to see what feels best!

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I was told by the firearms officer on my visit that it could be a 12 month wait from then, and it dropped though the door 3 weeks later but my neighbor who had his visit on the same day is still waiting 🤷🏼‍♂️

As for gun choice I can’t really help but I was in the same boat, I picked up a ex display ATA laminate for £575, and it turns “some” clays into dust so I’m happy. 

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