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lit it snow

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What a great afternoon...  kids were off so I picked them up off the Mrs at midday and had some dinner in the caf watching the snow get heavier, had an hour or 2 at the office, but with blizzard

Woke up this morning here with a good ten inches, then looked out the window and seen a couple of inches of snow, .

2lads from Falkirk went to the shop and bought boxes of Mars bars made flasks of tea and battled through the blizzard to hand them out to drivers stranded on the motorway.  Then there was the c**

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3 minutes ago, FastDogz said:

Nothing here in Blackpool. Bitterly cold today though with  nasty wind chill. No snow as yet. Stay safe guys 

Same down here in the South East. Raw cold outside.

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We haven't had much snow, but it's bitterly cold - wind chill is currently -10°.

But it's good to know that the Beast from the East won't stop the daily routine of the Royal Marines - good on ya, boys !


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17 minutes ago, dytkos said:

Well, I'm away now, hopefully log on tonight lol

Cheers, D.

If your heading off to drive up north your a bloody fool mate but i wish you the very best of luck and safe journey..

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