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A good cull animal

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Up early this morning to go Fallow stalking after 3/4 hours drive i met up with steve , the only trouble was it was wet and misty every where we went. We finally got to some lower ground and the mist had lifted quite abit and we soon spotted a Fallow pricket and a few Does among some Bracken and Gorse,Steve took out his newly aquired Quad sticks which by the way they have five legs lol but steve likes them the pricket was the easier shot so steve got sorted and the pricket dropped with a well aimed neck shot not bad seeing it was steves first shot off his five legged quad sticks the pricked dropped at 170 yards .That was the easy part we then had to go to the farm for the quad bike which by the way that has got four wheels lol and back for the extraction, after climbing through wire thorns bracken and fallen trees steve finally found here Deer and was trying to drag it back to me it only took him one and a half hours i was getting bored waiting .We finally got to gralloch the pricket only to find it had and antler broken and was blind in one eye and i am sure as i can be it was caused by a shot gun as there are a few small hole on the animals neck aswell so it was a good cull beast .




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Yep , needed going ..good days work ..:thumbs: 

hows it going Owen , made any headway ? 

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Best taking out if it was blind in one eye  it would only get worse in hard conditions 

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