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needed a pistol

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2 hours ago, j j m said:

i dont give a feck about its looks,its very powerfull and has already done its job today on a few squirrels,like rapids looks mean feck all its what it does that matters


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im not interested in looks ,i wanted something to do the job this does it nicely dispatched 3 trapped squirrels with it this morning ,that will do for me better then trying to poke around with a air rifle trying to get a shot on them

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I love the duvet as well , We thought about getting a pistol as well , as when we started lamping the rabbits at work they used to sit on groups on the road verges , but its easier to angle the car at 30 yards from them and they dont hear much with the silencer on the rifle  and my son often gets 4 out of a group of 5 

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