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some bloke

Sako Quad .17HMR - or action alone wanted

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Sako Quad .17HMR - or action alone wanted

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Does anyone have a 17HMR Sako Quad varmint they are thinking about dumping, possibly nearing its shot out stage? I'm not much bothered about its visual condition.

I currently have a spare HMR varmint barrel and sound mod on my ticket as a separate firearm that accompanies my 22lr Sako Quad, and rather like the idea of getting another action to make it a complete rifle as I constantly swap it between 22LR and HMR – with relative scope swaps too that usually needs a zero check and adjust.

I have not yet put in for a variation to acquire another HMR but will be applying for one as a dedicated night vision rifle. Doing it this way would allow me to decide if I like it with the barrel it comes with – or my existing barrel which was replaced about two years ago when my original got shot out after about 7000 rounds. Apparently the Varmint barrel fitting spigot is a different size than heavy types.

Game on chaps - who has a redundant .17HMR Sako Quad or action.

I might be able to take one that was registered into the system as a .22 if you scrap it and sell it via an RFD - but that will depend on if that is permissable.

Well done Leicester Firearms Licencing. I delivered the variation application by hand on Monday afternoon and the ticket with authority to acquire a .17HMR got here today.

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