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anyone for venison

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6 hours ago, Yokel Matt said:

Almost as enjoyable as the stalking 




From field to fork ! ...food  doesn't get much better than this .

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8 hours ago, jiggy said:

Scobie & junor in Naas (Kildare) sell sausage making spices and skins online if you ever want to experiment with venison sausages. I've a sausage maker (mincer) here if you want to borrow it next time your here. I made 20 pound of sausage with the organic skins last time and they worked out well. Much nicer than burgers. I gave myself a sickener one night when I ate too many burgers too late at night 🤢 So I stick with the sausages now.

I will be talking to you on the matter jiggy ,good to get help on it,it's something I must try in the future

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