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Saluki psychology

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most people who work ordinary lurchers have the wrong temp for saluki type dogs, the ability to be trained and intelligence are not the same, ive  used em on the lamp worked em with bushing dogs and f

Love them, always have and always will. desertbred and artic top lads and know their pures.

Think instincts ,  the older the breed the more reliant on instinctive behavior it is , more cat like ,  you cant f**k a cat over too many times or you won’t exist for it and it’s your tough

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The more intelligent the more trainable,to a degree. Sight hounds have been bred for thousands of years to run not think. No special temperament just a product of its history. Just need to teach to suit the intelligence be it dog or man.

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5 hours ago, Casso said:

It all comes back to the emotional capacity of the mutt, collies and herding breeds , have an enormous capacity to take in stimulation and use it ,  

whereas other breeds fold, into instinctive behavior, 

look at it this way 

some people can get up in front of millions and have a ball. They can be exactly to same in any situation , I believe it is a gift, 

like him or hate the little weasel , mcgregor is an example of someone with a emotionally capacity far and beyond many living today, 

the ability to channel stimulation and work with it, been comfortable in the uncomfortable leaves him free to operate 

take a saluki out herding up cattle, you’ll get a chase and a strike and a kick and it’s cattle days will be over even if it lives, because instinctively it knows there was a negetive return on that stimulation, saluki is load /overload , 

sheepdog takes stimulation of cattle and farmer and feels it and works with it   It doesn’t off load the stimulation into instinctive behavior , it can focus   It can be comfortable in the uncomfortable  

the capacity to work with the stimulation of what could be a couple of hundred animals and still want to control the situation is mind boggling for an animal no heavier than a sack of spuds when wet 

What about Saluki Lurcher with collie in it, is best of both worlds? 

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The prob with my pup is she’s permantly hyper even after hours of walking freerunning etc like she’s been injected with speed. Dunno if saluki trait or she just a spoon. Never known a dog like it!!!she seems to have zero intelligence ie teach her something one dsy & next day completely forgotten. Drives me bendy. Atb

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The real difference between the earlier and latter breeds is evolution, 

incorporating another species /tool into your flow pattern is an element of evolution, so we then have an animal that foregoes the kill for the betterment of the whole group ,

some where along the line the inter species relationship evolved  to a higher level 

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most people who work ordinary lurchers have the wrong temp for saluki type dogs, the ability to be trained and intelligence are not the same, ive  used em on the lamp worked em with bushing dogs and ferrets and they pick up all these natural given chance. I also work cocker spaniels , and one of if not the best cocker man in the country  said the best dogs are always on the verge of going wrong,  I have an old cocker dog here that I badly trained, and yet is so naturaly talented he makes me look  good week in week out. let your sals use there natural ability you may like it.

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I struggled with my sal / collie / grey lurcher to start with (probably because it had been a long time since I  last did any training) but found I could shape her behaviour to an extent by working with what makes her feel good / get a run. Out in the fields, her retrieve and recall is ok, but because she tends to work out at such a distance (which I believe is a saluki thing) I am just along for the ride and can't see what she is doing a lot of the time. Thankfully she seems to have a reasonable sense of self preservation and doesn't want to be anywhere near sheep thanks to some good advice I was given about working with her particular character traits, but I do worry that she will end up getting hit by a car or injured and unable to find her. I like her, but exercising such a strong instinct to run and hunt can be a bit much at times in our overcrowded countryside. I took my mates whippety types out for him the other day and they were so much easier to handle, but didn't have anything of the talent for finding game or that effortless flowing movement that just floats over the ground.

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I have been fortunate to use lurchers containing a fair amount of Saluki in their make up and they are at their best when allowed to hunt as their instincts dictate. Unfortunately, as Caravan Monster states, that type of hunting doesn't go hand in hand with our current laws and our overcrowded countryside. To me, Saluki adds more hunting drive, the ability to figure out how to hunt different game in different situations, in a way that my less charged lurchers never could. My best dogs have always had around a third Saluki in them. It is that very independence that makes them such amazing animals to watch at work.

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I would also consider how you exercise or can exercise the dog ,

if a saluki is not moving well he’s not enjoying the ride, how he feels good is down to how much energy is moving ,

he wants to fill his lungs and move as well as he possibly can 

that’s feel good for him , be part of that and your on the right track 

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Salukis its a business partnership plain and simple he or she instinctively know more about hunting and running than you ever will and the saluki often thinks what you actually contribute to the partnership that is where the psychology comes in you kid them that you contribute more than you actually do.If they come to the stage of figuring out in reality you are a minor business partner thats when cloth ears ,disobedience and major problems can manifest them selves. End of lesson 1


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some good reading on this post and shows the insight some have into these complex or simple marmite hounds, I always look at it like this we needed the saluki far more than the saluki ever needed us, we bred to get him and have too take him for what he actually is not what we would like him to be , he is there to catch what should into really be able to be caught, every run on his primary quarry was initially life or death for his owner and maybe even himself, maybe all them years and the appreciation he gleaned and the learning bred worker to worker gave enough to give them the ultimate balance of stamina and hunting ability in the perfect physique for his game single handed pursuit and felling or killing of quarry, sport was always secondary Id say, so if he aint perfect in the modern world so what? theres plenty other breeds stand for anyting you want to do, but would they see you right on the day you really needed them too or have enough n tank to make that elusive kill you need to eat? 





would it ever even come back in the first place? lmao

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