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Phil Lloyd

Mission successful...a promise honoured..

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that's the mark of a proper mate good on you. Hope you find the dog a good home where he will be well looked after 

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Nice one Phil, real nice touch mate and sorry for the loss of your mate..

good luck on sorting the dog the right home

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On ‎22‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 20:42, Phil Lloyd said:

Foolishly, and without really thinking, I asked him, 'Is there anything that you want me to do?"

Nothing foolish there, its what friends should be about. Although I've never met the fella by his actions, thinking of and placing his dogs future in the hands of one he trusted whilst in such a place and time, shows he was a decent bloke. RIP.

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Top man ,aye the fella sees the has a trusted friend to do right by his jukel good on yas once again good luck getting him a good spot.atb bunnys

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Credit were it' due. There' not many people out there what would of somewhat you done. Atb  with dog

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