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I am unfortunately going to have to re home my girls. I have 3 pole jills 2 are related and one it unrelated all workers and from working stock. 

I dont have the time to get them out working as offen as i should and in my opinion thats not fair on the little monsters.

They will be going with a full set up il try to list everything but will miss bits.

3 jills 
10"x6"x4" run with large hutch
Another backup hutch
Bits for the cage bowls trays tubes ect
Travel box
Feild box
Locator and collar

All to go dont want them to go without as theve got used to lots of space

There all tame nip when hungry bless them but so do i haha

Not asking for any money all i want is for them to go to a good home.

Syiu will need a large van Or trailer to move all this. The cage does come apart into panels. But is all quite bulky.

Iv attached a few pics sorry there abit ropey but phones knackered 

Please only serious enquiries 

We are in Eastleigh, Southampton 

Message me for a contact number

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what an amazing offer mrstinker.

very good of you. im sure someone will jump at it.

everything there for someone starting out in the game or for someone to add on to their own stock and gear.

pity i wasnt over that side.

atb j

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Guest vin

Fantastic offer there matey.

Just a word of warning.Don't give the locators and equipment away with the ferrets.  Someone is likely to promise the earth in return for a freebie and have no intention of keeping your well-loved little workers.

That is unless you can 110% trust them to not do the dirty on you. Working ferrets are hard to come by this time of year in the 1st place. If someone wants and needs them enough and is a decent genuine person they wouldn't expect it for free.

You'll be getting PMs telling you how they are for the 12-year-old disabled special needs kid with no money, promising them a forever home..until they're all on gumtree a week later.

Sorry to be so cynical but there are some reet cnuts out there.

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Or I might not ... depends on wether I can get the VAT back 😂😂😂

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4 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

Aye we know😂 that’s why we laughing:rofl:

You know as much about VAT as lee then 😂😂😂

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Guest Navek

Don’t give the locator and collars away mate get someone to give a donation to a charity for them or something as vin says you’ll get people promisin* you the world 

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2 minutes ago, W. Katchum said:

I was replying to your first post😂

I've got plenty of working ferrets that live in big runs and I've more collars and boxes than I know what to do with ... all free as you can obviously claim all the money back via VAT lol .... 

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Hi my Name is Doug I have been called disabled in a roundabout way, and most women thing I’m a special needs person, oh and I don’t have a lot of money. LOL

Just kidding!  Very kind offer, like Vin, I would hold back on the locator etc. 

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