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Bert Gripton.

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At long last thankfully someone has put up this old footage of one of the best so enjoy and a very Happy Christmas to all of you and your families.  yours in sport, Neil.

As is all too often the case, opinions are frequently trotted out on these forums as if they were fact. And whilst I’ve no desire to “pee on anyone’s parade”, or to speak ill of the dead, it’s importa

Dilly Thanks for posting that old photo..... it was taken at the end of a day's otterhunting with the B.C.O.H. on our annual trip to Pembroke and Carmarthen where we'd all take a week's holiday t

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On 12/29/2017 at 11:18, Bryan said:

But wasn't she behind the Blindman and the General? 

She was 3 generations back from the Blindman and 4 generations from the General. My point is I've heard people go on about these dogs down from Bert Gripton stuff. One terrier from his stuff was bred into the lines way back in '62. A decent bitch for sure, but this stuff was built on local terriers and hunt terriers throughout Munster mainly and sometimes further up the country...

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You couldnt make this shit up ffs .Bert Gripton ,for all his prowess as a hunt terrierman was a dog dealer .Saw something that took his eye and bred from it ,to it .He never claimed to have a line which was just as well as he bred to anything showy enough to catch the eye of punters .Separate the man from shows and you couldn' wish for a better day out .Get him at a show and work took second place ,double standards which unfortunately people overlooked because of his reputation as a hunt terrierman. He never set out to leave anything behind ,just sold what people wanted to buy .How do I know ,well that would be telling wouldn' it and mystery has slaways seemed  a big part of the game lol.

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5 minutes ago, Rabbit Hunter said:

Thanks for such an in depth response Barrie, it's nice to hear from someone who actually 'lived it' rather than passed on something they heard.

Whatever happened to Bert's grandson then, did he carry on in his Grandfather's footsteps?

I have it in my mind that Jamie went into keepering for a while..... then he moved out of the area and I lost contact with him after his father died.

But he was a "spunky" little kid and we had some chuckles with him and at his expense too (I guess when you have freckles and ginger hair it's to be expected LOL).   

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16 minutes ago, Barrie said:

I have it in my mind that Jamie went into keepering for a while..... then he moved out of the area and I lost contact with him after his father died.

But he was a "spunky" little kid and we had some chuckles with him and at his expense too (I guess when you have freckles and ginger hair it's to be expected LOL).   

Did you no the twins Barrie ? ( close friends of Bert), they've got some cracking old photos of him an his terriers.

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3 minutes ago, foxdropper said:

Very nicely worded Barrie and from the heart I'm sure .Trouble is it's very one sided as is often the case with close friends and id expect nothing less ..Can't see the wood for the trees is a saying banded about but comes to mind .


Unlike so many others, I don't come on here to be contentious or to argue, I have far better things to do with my time.

I'd like to think that in most things I say and do, I always try to be honest and base my comments on my own experiences rather than those of others. Clearly you have some doubts about that and you obviously don't know me very well, if at all.

As I said previously, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it's right that it should be that way, but if we're to fall back on old cliché's I'd suggest "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing" is probably more appropriate.

What I can say with some confidence is that Bert's name and reputation as a "Terrierman" (warts and all) will be remembered long after you and I are long buried and forgotten...... and that won't be by accident.

Yours in Sport - Barrie

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Goodonya Barrie...:victory:

 As a veteran hunter myself, I really do admire loyalty to one's old pals ...

Obviously, few of us are perfect,...we have all probably done and said,.. a plethora of silly things,...:laugh:

But,..all things considered,..if a man is a genuine kinda fellah... I am always loath to bad mouth him.

It is so easy to indulge in gossip and rely upon hearsay,...the facts are,... the facts rarely lie......:yes:

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Long time ago I know but did see Bert at a couple of shows but never got into conversation with him..Did have a day out with Barry Jones and watched Bert dig to a red ticked smooth dog  the once but leave it at that ..Believe it was in the wheatland Country or nearbye  that terrible reddish stuff..Not long after He arrived at my pack with a youngish lad  no one knew him ,I did say try keeping up with me. Hounds really flew on one fox that just got in in front of hounds  and my instructions were  to bolt it ..shallowish spot but very rangy ..I went to my truck and the young lad came over to watch  Bert stayed in his van ..I picked a bay mix bitch to put some pressure on it to bolt and after ten minutes it bolted..The young lad said the bitch wasnt any good as she was bitten well   I left it at that ..I know the earth and hounds had really pushed him hard and in a big rangy spot  with a bayer at it doubt it would have shifted ..One can only use what one thinks is most suitable  for the job in hand...I really enjoyed my days at Stallings lane with a proper old school terrierman ..Very very diluted to virtually zilch is the Mick Dogs blood in my present terriers..Wandering around the old quarry behind his house many many hours spent there

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