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. 223 reloading equipment

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Any idea how much a full reloading set up.for a. 223 Would cost me and best place  to get one as my local gun shop doesn't sell them. Thanks in advance 

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If I were you I'd buy S/H from a forum such as this one or the S.D.  You just need the die set for the .223 specifically.  I'd recommend watching a few youtube vids to get an idea of what you need.  It's not difficult but having someone teach you (if you know anyone local) helps a great deal. My guess would be around £150 would get you going with the Lee starter kit, which many say is very good value new.  I myself bought some expensive kit which I didn't really need TBH.   

That said, you need case lube, primers, case's, bullets, calipers, ete etc so best to be prepared to beast the credit card ! :cray:

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