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Gundog - keeping out with family dog

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Hi lads, 

I got my first gun this year and started shooting. Opportunity has come up to take a working springer from a guy I know. This would be my first  working gun dog. We have a sheepdog who currently lives outside, sleeps in the garage. He's trained on a wireless boundary fence. If I took this springer would it be bad for him to keep him out with the sheepdog and unkennelled? Could I train him on a radio fence too?

I live in the countryside our house is on a large site so I like the dogs to have the run of the place. 

We also have a couple of free ranging hens which the sheepdog doesn't bother but I'm guessing the springer might.

So I guess ultimately my question is do I need a dog run for the springer?



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Out of interest would the sheepdog go through the fence if sheep were walking by? ( I've been looking at these but don't think my dogs will stop) ... Anyway if the answers yes then the spaniel won't even notice lol 

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The fence is fantastic. So much so that if I hit a ball out past it he stops dead on the "line". And he is obsessed with playing fetch. Also my entrance directly faces a gate into a field full of sheep 😀

I highly recommend the wireless fences and can pm you details of the one we got if you want. We have him trained on beep, it beeps when he approaches the range. You can set it to shock too if needed.

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jwed, It's better to kennel gun dogs when they are not being either trained or ran. Leaving them to their own devices has little chance of improving their performance and considerable chance of causing harm. The underground fence assuming it's turned up high enough should teach the dog the boundaries as long as you go through the training with the flags and all of that. Here the sheep dog may be able to help as it knows the boundaries already. This way if you decide to house the dog or let him out of the kennel to "clean out" before getting in the vehicle he won't run off and get into mischief.


Congratulations on both your gun and your new gun dog. Have a great time afield!

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