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Bedlington/collie x

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These 2 are meant to be mating next spring bedie x grey to a beardie x grey 

Bedlington/collie xs any one run them if so how do you find them? This is my pup she’s nearly 6months old with her first ferreted rabbit (to nets) no free running but like to get fur in there mouths y

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3 minutes ago, Chicken_man said:

Spits them Vin 


im just looking through old pics and its a double.mine's about 8-9years old... came from down the lower end of the midlands area.. Brassington.


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3 hours ago, tatsblisters said:

Good type of lurcher imo from these breeds when put together for edible game one of my old dogs bought as a pup out of the exchange and mart in the 70s that was bred out of a collie x to a Bedlington greyhound.

2010-09-28 11.24.33.jpg

Christ, the Exchange and Mart. Used to love that.

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3 hours ago, forest of dean redneck said:

How often do you see litters can me up now though?

Not to often I’ve done 2 litters of this breeding in the last two years same sire An dam both parents well seasoned workers An had no problem selling surplus pups I gifted a few out to working homes the few that went to working homes from the first litter are doing really well for them selfs on a bit of everything ones even on the beating line for a shoot An does picking up my pup I kept I was unlucky with as sadly she’s no longer with us so thought I’d do a repeat mating to get my self what I need from the repeat mating I only done a add on my face book page as advertisement as I keep my self to my self that people could share they were all sold deposits taken by 3weeks of age?but as anything we’re pups are concerned no mater how much you gage people weather you think they are worthy of one of the pups it’s always a risk weather there the real deal or not this last litter I had bred made me realise the working Lurcher world is full of fakers who ain’t got a clue how to train a pup then blame the pup An everyone but them selfs for not training the pup they want a good dog straight out the crate.....I won’t be offing any more for sale it’ll be  gift only when I next need a pup in about 5yrs time the rest will be pts as I can’t be bothered to deal with people who give patter as experienced Lurcher owners that turn out fakers 

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