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Why have SbS shotguns gone out of fashion.

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I've been after a decent side by side for a while picked this up this evening  AYA Yeoman no 4 it's in tip top condition the barrels were like glass well chuffed now got to get a day off to try it out

For me it is always a sxs hammer gun for both game shooting and pest control  using both nitro and black powder. Feltwad 20 bore  sxs by Smythe  of Darlington

I am not advocating any sort of gun because I've got all sorts but I kind of get the feeling that for some reason some guns are looked down upon as if they of no use whatsoever. It's like short barrel

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For me there is just that certain something about a sbs that is lacking in even the prettiest top end u/o , I can shoot very well with my mates Beretta and have borrowed it on a number of occasions when I was between game guns and only had my Benelli semi, but I dont like it, I have owned a few u/o over the years and shot well with most, but I dont like them, so for me as a game gun its my Spanish Ebor sidelock for me.

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  • The price is connected to the market and market is often connected to fashion, and very often it doesn't make any sense, especially for second hand objects.
    To me it's just an occasion to buy it cheaper :D I bought a second hand SbS and I'm very happy with it,
    maybe in couple of years they're going to be fashion again, fashion is often subtly influenced in movies and TV, for the company to sell the guns they prefer and it's usefull to change fashion to sell more different guns
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