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98 Honda Superblackbird (carbed).

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98 Honda Superblackbird (carbed).

The original super bike here for sale. Essentially it is bog standard and has covered 26811 miles all bar 1000 by yours truly. Originally it stood for (I believe, 7 years) going round on a carousel as an advertising statement. Anyway it's in good order with scuffing on the timing chain cover, each of the wing mirrors and has a repaired crack to the top fairing courtesy of a partridge. MOT till I think April and has not covered any miles since last tested. I'd like to get £2350.00 for it so if and reader is interested or knows anyone who might be, please drop me a PM or contact me on 07967180399. (Maybe a txt first as I don't normally pick up unknown numbers. Thanks for reading. Jok.


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