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Dan McDonough

Lurchers That Tree ???

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ive two lurcher bitches which are really good at catching squirrels ,they will mark trees and tell me if there is one in the tree or if ones been there , i find quite often they play dead up the tree ,i carry a catapult and have some great sport on them , the ones i get go straight into the ferrets hutch , very interesting post

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I got you all now.  My lurchers don't make a sound on track.  Not even the whippet x Jagdterrier male.  I do have a stag x july hound that will open some but only when he's looking at a coyote on the run and only if he's having to give it everything he's got and he's still not catching.  Once in a while there'll be a coyote around here that has some real speed and just can't be caught.

As far as making a lurcher that trees, I would prefer that it be silent on track.  I'm going to sell off all of my lurchers that don't tree shortly.  The exception will be my first stag x BC pair.  Those I'll be keeping.  I just get on to well with those two and they are basically part of the family now. 

The other day I picked up a mtn.cur x border collie female and if she works out, I'm going to make another batch of lurchers and see if I can get something that trees well.

I wish I could send a litter of dead game squirrel dogs over there for you folks to play with.  I think you guys would be hooked!

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