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Self Intro, New Member Again, Lol, But From An Old Member 10Years Ago.

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Hi guys (and girls),


I used to be a member about 10 years ago, so long ago that I can not remember my original 'Login'. :cray:

Many changes on this site since then it seems, but I really enjoyed my time here.

Also back then I only had one young child. :-)

I remember 'IanB'.


I developed my online forum interests via this very site, and now I am a moderator of an Australian forum

that has very much the same sorts of interests/topics of this one.


Two very different environments over here and back in Australia, I love the countryside of the UK and it reminds

me very much of Victoria in Australia, and New Zealand.


My interests are pistol, rifle and shotgun, both target and hunting, LOVE the outdoors, fishing, camping.

Had and used ferrets with both nets and gun, owned two ESS bitches, they are such great dogs to own.

Hope to somehow get back in touch with members that I used to Chat to frequently in the past. :bye:


Question, is there search facility on members Gallery for images past ?


Cheers, Role on......



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Hello and welcome back mate , see any big changes ?.

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Hello and welcome back mate , see any big changes ?.

Thanks for the welcome back.


Well I have only had a brief time to look around as a new member and there are restrictions.

So speaking from my limited look and see..

More marketing and articles (it is a commercial site), cleaner layout and more control (expected with software upgrades),

it seems that the membership has grown and matured (longer residence by higher posts).

The new member trial period is new, but that sort of was being installed/discussed when I faded out, same as paid membership/donator

was starting to appear.

Being a Moderator at another site I understand why those changes have been made.

I'm sure that as my time grows here again, I will see a lot more that has happened too.


Thank you for the welcome back people, I'm hanging out to Chat with anyone from the past, like missing good neighbours when you move away. LOL

The reason I asked if the Gallery was searchable is because I posted a few pics there before, one being a HUGE wild rabbit in Australia,

someone may remember that, it was part of my Avatar, so I though I may get back to my old ID, if it has not been wiped from the server.


Again, thanks for the welcome back (as he ties a kids shoes - lol)


I have 4 daughters, 1 shoots and detects loves historical finds 13yrs, 1 loves fishing, song and dance 8yrs, 1 loves dancing, song and karate 7yrs,

1 is only 21 months loves calling for Mum (YES !!)

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