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Milwaukee Heat Jacket

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Pointless in this country I'm still in a t shirt every day .....

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Seen them in Canada in a gunshop,they also did those full realtree battery-heated suits that look like a cross between a onesy and a sleeping-bag for sitting still in a tree-stand.

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Lazy Cnut I work with has one ordered. Spends the day working at the speed of a sloth are staring at his phone, poor lad needs something to keep him warm.

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Tom Crean will be turning in his grave ,twitching his pipe. They might've made it to South Pole a year earlier if they had that.😂😂😂

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damn useful jackets but the batteries dont last for shite.

if you buy one of these jackets,grab some extra batteries off amazon,someone has now made

milwaukee copies


you want warm,as mackem said over here in canada we get

heated gloves




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