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3.2 Shogun Any Good?

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Hello all, the tin worm is really starting to get a hold on my old hilux and it will need 4 new tyres for the next mot so have sort of been looking at replacement vehicles, unfortunately it looks like another hilux is out of the question as the price of them is astronomical so for my budget have been looking at alternatives and quite like the look of the swb shogun van with the 3.2 engine. Anybody have any experience with these? most seem to have the auto box are they any good off road compared to a manual? don't do any crazy stuff just a bit of green laning and towing my trailer for the odd load of firewood/building materials etc. Whats the build quality like? how much leg room etc is there (being 6 foot 5 and an ex rugby player....) I do find the lux a bit cramped.


Don't need to buy anything now as the lux has mot until mid july next year and with a bit of luck and in the right light it may pass another with out to much trouble.


Any thoughts will be appreciated.


Thanks Richard.

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A few points to be wary of , fuel pump issues apparently parts for them are expensive to come by now , poor service history / lack of oil changes can lead to timing chain stretch , manual gearbox dual mass flywheels can give grief , 4wd system transfer box switches are a common problem , brake and fuel lines can corrode on older vehicles , check rear springs for breaking, check for over heating head gasket issues , just a few areas to be wary of ( i have many years experience of these vehicles )

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