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1 hour ago, matt the lamper said:

Had no cat but had 3 40 + carp some am a happy man 11 fish in total 

Nice one mate cat fish are over rated any way IMO

3 40lb carp more than makes up for it being out the river they would have pulled some.

Were they all commons, any pics mate.

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Cracking fish them , my best carp was 36 lb my pal had a 41 lb all commons . We had a few cats over the ton and I had the best of the week at 168 lb , the ugly one is me .:laugh:




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Some nice fish there pal, better luck next time with the cats! :good:

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Never mind the cats better luck getting home next time  miss my flight yesterday becuz they where protesting  on the motorway and had to flight to London today and catch the train home and pick me car up from Manchester tomoz it was a pain in the dick


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