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Si Pittaway........ The Squirrel Vigilante.

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The Journalist in question here is Scott Campbell for Mailonline. Must be a slow-news week at the Mail whoever he is...   This is the risk to putting your vermin shooting on the net. And why I do

That's Si at the front, Davy in the middle and, me at the back - this was a tricky permission so, we had to up the ante a bit.   If you look very closely, you can see the Compatto

Si Pittaway was a senior NCO in the Royal Horse Artillery. Not a sniper, or Special Forces SAS or anything like.     But I suppose, if your job is knowing how to lob huge artillery shells from a 1

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I bet he's not as well.

Some silly bollocks reporter has twisted that as bad as possible and then plastered his face all over it.

I hope he has a legal standpoint for defamation or character.

Then don't post pictures on social media....
I get that bit - I just think the paper is well out of line for producing a slanted story, with his face all over it. One of those pictures has his name on.


It's just a typical BS hunting witch hunt with the usual inflammatory language designed to vilify those that enjoy taking part.


For what it's worth, I've met Si a couple of times - he seems to be a good 'un.


Thank god a lot of the comment posters on the daily mail website can see through the reporters agenda - grey squirrels were shot and prepped to be cooked.


Also, funny how they only sought (or at least only published) opinions from RSCPA and PETA. Where were the responses from Si or BASC :hmm:

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Did you enjoy posting this?

Simon Pittaway is no longer on this forum, and is not able to speak for himself. If some do not like the man then I would say go and find him.

All the very best

Yes I did enjoy posting it, I always enjoy adding something constructive to the airgun section when it arises.


Never mentioned not liking the chap or aimed any abuse towards him, he still has friends on this forum so if he needs to get in touch he won't have a problem doing so.

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