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Can't Decide On A Fox Calibre

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Throwing a spanner in the works,

an associate of mine plugs Foxes out to 200 meters with a 300BLK and a thermal scope here in Victoria. (Australia)

Apparently a bit of a deadly combo on the farms around him too, Ruger American Rancher 300BLK using lighter projectiles, he does have subsonic loads too, those are used for Wild Dogs and Deer having a heavier projectile, but we can't own suppressors here in Australia.

He owns quite a range of calibers and went from .223 to the 300BLK for the Foxes.

Over here 200 to 350m is more the 22.250 range, another may be .204 Ruger, shoots flat and smashes foxes like the older 17 Remington.

Good luck :drinks:

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I use both a .223 and a .17hornet with NV.

I tend to use a caller and a light with the .223. The hornet, on a still night I just walk or sit in a high seat.With Nv they are never going to hear what killed them and the crack is confusing an infra -red torch lights it all perfectly but I tend to dial down the brighnes or you can get a 'sunshine eye' effect.

I once shot 3 foxes at 230 yds one after the other - 40 grain v max. Drop for both is similar -sight at 150 (0). 200 --1" (4 clicks) and at 300 9" drop 36 clicks. Theshot crack I find tends to disorient them and they will for example just run a little and listen - clearly not far enough  !

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