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left the car at home this afternoon and set off to some fields and woodlands about a 20 mins walk, enjoyed a good mooch with the dog, I normally do in the car about a 40 mile round trip to my permissions, never expect out locally, anyways we was on our way home and it started pissing down, so decided to take a short cut across a large field, farmers a miserable owd git, if he sees you out he comes, but today I was lucky, in the distance I spotted a couple of bunnies sat out just a few yards from the fencing, do spotted em to, so off she went, when up came a couple of squatters, they must have heard me coming, and got their heads down, the dog was right up the arse of one of em, and smashed into the ranch wire, I coldnt see properly, as the rain was fair belting it down, and running into my eyes, by the time I got there, she not only had the bunny in her mouth, but also a strand of the ranch wire, ive had nowt for a while, and that catch today,plus a magpie, im over the moon, in the fact ive put work in front of my dog

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