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Collie/herding Crosses

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Ok I know this has probably been done to death, but I'm just wondering which type of collies people have experience with and what they like/don't like? I prefer welsh collies as they are a bit more independent than a border but a bit more part of a team than bearded and kelpies.

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for me its not the type of dog, but whats going on in its head and how its wired. Some of the best "herding" dog crosses I've seen of late have been from mongrelised farm curs.

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In some parts off staffs this end there's farm collie types that can only be described has curs they nothing much in common to today's type of collies one sees other than colour ,they tough without the cowardly traits of norm.they on small farm holdings mainly of cattle steers etc,they have had other breeds rinsed through them over time i would think these would give these decent serviceable cur lurchets some go high on the leg twenty five plus and will front a man strong nerves and can take a wee bit a pain seen one fast on some weld mesh straight through the leg Neva made a murmur owner just pulled him off carried on has nought happened and needed no seeing to did himself .atb bunnys.

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Those types were mentioned in a book can't remember what one, collie x Lab or terrier maybe touch of Alsatian , owned by the fella that had a battered panel van or series landy.

Edit think it was Shropshire/Welsh borders area mentioned.

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