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Total Newbie Wanting Cheap Setup

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Hi all, I'm sick of going out in my work boots and riggers and getting my clothes absolutely destroyed by wrestling through thick cover. Could anybody recommend some cheap wellies that tie up and a hardy set of pants. It shocks me how much people can actually spend on this stuff but I understand I've got to pay a little if they're gonna last. I'm a size 9 shoe and a short leg with a 28inch waist depending if its Christmas haha. I would rather buy second hand to save money and if the sizes aren't perfect I'll have a go at altering them myself. I don't mind travelling for them because I'm after some sharpish.

I would like a jacket but I think I'm gonna wait until I can afford something that's gonna be extremely hardy but look decent as well. Probs next year when I've got money for that lol.

All the help is much appreciated


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Im no expert in hunting clothes but I bought this few years ago and it's still going strong . Take it to work aswell doing building and it's still on one piece . Quite cheap aswell



. Ive got the jacket and trousers there on eBay around £35 for the pair. Edit to add there sizes are a lot smaller with been asain had to get a xxl Edited by johnpee

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Accept nothings totally waterproof , i keep a spare set of gear in the car change before i drive home put all my wet gear in a black bag im warm and dry and the cars clean and i hang up my trousers and jacket in the garage and let them dry slowly

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