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Micro Ferrets

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There a gimmick,fad, dress it up all you want at the end if the day they are just runt x runt resulting in the offspring being weak and inferior, I can't see them being any use what so ever in a working situation either

Agreed. I like a hob for working with jills, bit of power when needed wouldn't want some thing that can't shift a decent sized rabbit

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I got a jill thats less than half the size of the rest of my jills. Smallest jill iv ever saw in the flesh. Shes had a couple of goes in the sand dunes ferreting but after a couple of hours and she was back in the box. She was getting sickened getting kicked around and starts half heartedly working. Shes good for doing stone dyke walls or under tombs and tight spots. You dont get a full days work out of her on big warrens. Shes more of a pet than a proper worker but still does a wee bit.

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