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Teaching To Return

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I have a cracking bitch. Whippet x staffy/bc. She's sharp as you like and can turn on a six pence. My problem is although she has no problem catching her prey, she then won't come back with it!


Anyone else had this problem and how did you overcome it?

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My old bull x would catch then not bring it back I got him at 18 months old and I had put it down to lack of training on the retrieving side. If I was you I'd get a rabbit skin dummy and work on retrieving again keep some treats in your pocket cut up sausages or something like that so she Associates bringing it back as good and she gets something in return. Eventually the thing in return will be another run on a rabbit which is fun for them. My view anyway some may not agree. Atb

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What sort of interaction do you have with the dog in general bud, do you bowl feed everything , any interaction outside hunting or walking ?

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Oh absolutely

She is hand fed regularly. She is very much a pet. Her recall is amazing except when she has caught something.

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In my opinion mate, and it's just an opinion

I've found over the years that excitement causes this, put some game in front of the dog and get her working plenty if you can.

Once they get the idea that retrieving leads to more catches they normally settle down and even with a lack of training will still drop em at your feet and be looking for the next run.

Worse case just ignore her she'll come when your walking away from her.

Obviously breed type and bonding, fitness etc all plays a part.

Just how things have panned out over the years for me and the few I've hunted with.

All the best.

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