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Cbc Cartridges

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Hi been given a box of 20b CBC 6shot cartridges nothing on box to say what gram they are and lve never heard of them before have you ?? Grebb

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CBC with their allterego MAGTECH had a brief flurry of activity in this country in the nineteys to early 2000s they may still be around via some importer or another but not as common as the late 90s, Guns were cheap and cheerful the 12ga pump action was an ok 3 inch magnum but nothing like an 870 or a 1200 winchester ithaca and the like.

The singles were sturdy basic workhorses and for the money these guns could not be criticised.

Now ammo i must say i did personally encounter some ammo by CBC in .410 these were in red paper cases and had saw dust wading material that seemed to work but generally the cartridges were super cheap and pretty lack lustre in performance, i never choreographed any of them but they did nothing special in penetration tests or use in the field on rabbits.

Probably be ok but unless the 20ga ammo is very different in design to the .410 i dont think you should be expecting anything special from them myself, but free is free and thats always good.

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