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Slow Start

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I set six snares on a railway fence yesterday and this morning picked just one up on the same track the other side of the village i set another half a dozen and again one rabbit all the snares were set on very good runs through the fence and i expected a few more,i think that i should have left them down for 2/3 nights for better results but i cannot get back there until the weekend , still ! a good start to the season what looks like being a stinker .



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Is snaring your main pursuit now Micky ?

I like Snaring , Trapping ,Longnetting and Ferreting , one of my problems is carrying the tackle , you need that much kit to do these field sets , it is very hilly land and i cannot manage to carry it , one or both of my eldest sons usually come with me but they are both flat out at work , i have a lot of very good land [not that good this year ] and i will never take anyone else on it as i know what will happen, another thing that puts me off is dealing with the catch , i used to sell a lot to pubs but after skinning them ,getting rid of the bits , delivering them, then chasing your money for a couple of weeks then its just not worth it even at a fiver a pop. I do not do it for the money but i have to break even with the expenses.

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