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Nosey Pricks

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It seems ive unwanted attention again,regarding my new pups..

yesterday at 11 a.m. 2 fuckwits called in to my daughters place of work,,ie:a fuel station and came up to her while she managed the tills...both these cretins were in their 30's ,so not silly young lads.....no silly older lads...they spoke in a very menacing semi shouting manner to her,Now she has no idea who they are ,doesnt recall ever seeing them before so shes at a loss as to how they knew who she was and where she worked...first words from their smelly mouths...''WE SAW YOU WITH 2 SALUKIS YESTERDAY.YOU AND YOUR MOTHER......ARE THEY FOR SALE''...daughter replies no,not for sale ...''WHERE YE FROM''......she told them ,none of your buisness,their still not for sale..

''WHAT ARE THEY? PURE BRED OR SALUKI X's'' ...... she says i dont know ..at this point another customer comes in,and she says do you want to buy something or what?

they again say ''WHERE YE LIVE''....she doing her job says if your not buying you have to move as theirs a customer behind wanting to get served...at this point these 2 fukin ignorant idiots try to pressurise her to give answers but she stays quiet and semi ignores them...she theen points to the cctv and they tell her they dont give one fuk about cameras...big men huh? My daughters 24 years old and 5 ft tall...she then calls up the customer waiting to be served and they mumble in semi english and thankfully fuk off out the door...


So now im on high alert,the gates permanently locked,the german shepherd is now fed earlier in the day so hes not stuffed with food and lazy during the night and im double checking everything before i go to bed...why these f****n mongs cant go buy a dog of their own and let folk be is beyond me but anyone steps into my yard is hopefully savaged by the dog and im not going to do anything until he goes limp...


I had this shit a few years ago as well with scum climbing in to the top of the wall before i got the shepherd,at least this time i can sleep somewhat easier knowing the noise the dogs will make will have me up and armed in a matter of minutes.... the manager of the fuel station was asking my daughter who these two were and she told them she had no idea,but im sure they dont quiet understand whats happening here,,,and if they can find her job,they can sure as hell find me ...

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Horrible cnuts,I'd make posters with their faces telling people their Robbing scum.

well they havent done anything yet,and you can be sure if they come for trouble they come mob handed,and i havent got too many mates that would stand by me in such situations.......in fact ive 2 that im certain of lol..

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I remember you having trouble before,I honestly wonder how you lot keep dogs and gamefowl over there,sounds like its a lot of stress?

I can tell ye know ,if I do get cleaned out ,,thats me done,,,but i hope that wont ever happen

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That's a c**t, I had similar done a few years ago. Tie biscuit tins on a long line and set it up before you go to bed. If they hit it, it'll make an awful racket. Should also help wind your shepard too.

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they need to be interduced to your guard dog hopefully u have no more trouble from them.i wish I lived closer I,d help u out as u put me on till the deerhound bitch I got one good turn deserves an other.i hope r still in the dogs in 20 years time good luck.

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Don't think they understand what it is to own, and take a pride in the dogs the way dogmen do, to go into a persons place of work and treat them like that is'nt on though, keep an eye out for the dregs mate

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