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Nissan Pathfinder

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Steer clear unless it been inspected and it's a bargain.

They are rot boxes and Nissan won't offer a chassis treatment like they are now doing with the rotten nivaras which haven't snapped.

Shame as they pull like a steam train but the arse has dropped out of the market.

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i was at the garage picking up my car and the guy says ive something here that might suit you so i just had a quick look , but his brother bought it for the garage to use and its supposed to be getting signs put on it on monday so im going back them to have a good look , ive no problem with it as i dont think they would buy it for themselves it they thought there was much chance of anything going wrong and its never had a towbar so its no been pulling things

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Never trust a car salesman. Not until you have checked it over yourself.


Look at the chassis directly behind the rear wheels. Give it a good old poke all over. Don't be shy. Use a key or something.

There you will also see some holes. Provided you haven't poked some through already.

Stick your finger in and check how much flaky rust is laying in the bottom of the chassis rail.

Then follow that chassis rail (both sides) down to where it meets a strengthening member. This will be just below the front seats.

You will need to be under the motor. Give the area around the joint a good poke and again stick your finger through the holes in the chassis and see how much debris is on the inside of the rails.

The back crossmember above the spare wheel is another place to check.


Nissan will honour the 12 year anti corrosion warranty. So depending on the year a 55 plate will be out of the warranty this November.

They are rot boxes and there isn't a good example unless it's been looked after and the chassis treated.

16 plates are showing signs of chassis deterioration.


An exact figure hasn't been put out but thousands of Navaras and pathfinders have been bought back by Nissan and scraped. That's in both the uk and Ireland.

Nissan owners in the rest of the world aren't so lucky.

I've had one that failed and a few mates Navs have failed too.


Just check it out pal. When, not if, it does fail. You won't get the money back you spent on it.


I've shared this link before but check it out for yourself.


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Nissan brought my 07 navara off me last month due due a rotten chassis ,engine was mint couldn't fault it but the rot was terrible and for that reason I wouldn't get anouther,Nissan payed me nearly double what I payed for it back so not all bad news 😉👍

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