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Skull Identification

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As a rule of thumb the brow tine on a red deer leaves the main beam at roughly an angle of 90 degrees, on sika its 60.


Sika have a "knife edge" over the top of their brow tine too.


So for me those brow tines are leaving the main beam at an angle that would suggest sika, they are too long and rounded to be true sika i would say.


Also, sika antler tends to be smoother whereas red tend to have that kind of pearling effect.


The general shape of the antlers seems sika-y too.


The skull looks too big to be sika though.


Difficult with just photos but it has traits of both animals, i'd like to have it in my hands to be totally sure though.

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Sika tines aren't angled as far out as in Red more upright as in yours, hybrids can follow either parent apparently. We have plenty of Red down here and a few Sika but I've not seen a hybrid ( maybe I haven't recognised it :)

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That cluster of 3 tines at the tip is not sika at all. For red antlers of that lwngth i would expect a greaterror girth and possibly mote tines. So you have either a slightly odd red or a red x sika. Or some exotic park reared foreign species. I go for red x sika.

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