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Is Anybody's Hob Out Of Season?

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He always makes the sound when a Jill goes near him and then grabs their necks and drags them away. I've had ferrets 20 years and bred them, but I've never had a Hob like this. The only other thing is the guy lied but it doesn't seems old enough to be last years and his ball are still not showing. Unless it has eu in because they seem to mature quick.

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are the jills swollen,are they in season

No the Jill is only 3 months the hob is young but he won't leave her alone if put together.

You can not see his testicles

She is too young only 3 months

The hob still makes the breeding noise of an older hob

The hob grabs her by the neck and drags her away.

Just like a Hob in breeding.

I have bred ferrets before and had them a long time. Don't need any clever people and stupid comments!

Just never had or seen a Hob act like this

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wasnt been funny with you just trying to work out with you what might be going on for you ferrets, thats why I was asking, if the jill isnt swollen and shes that young hes just playing with her id say,sure they wont produce any kits if thats what your worried about.

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I know you weren't being funny, it was sombody else


I split them up because when I put the dog out one night my young Jill was squealing from 30 foot away and I thought he was trying to kill her, but he seems to be trying to mate instead. I can't put her near him he starts making the sound even through the mesh and he tries to get at her, when he does he grabs her throat pins her and then drags her off and I can't leave her because he won't stop.


So they are separated until she gets older or he stops trying.

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seams odd, ive 2 kits there myself a hob and jill, the hob makes a few different noises and he can be a bit rough with her as hes a bit bigger than her, there litter mates, he scruffs her aswell but not enough to make her squeel.

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Yes it seems odd to me too, there was four in the cage and he was ok but then just one night he changed and the Jill was only 8 weeks old then and he was carrying her round in his mouth. When she squealed I walked down and he came to the cage door with her in his mouth like a dog and rabbit.

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