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Hi All


Before anyone asks yes this post was on here a few months ago, only reason being put back on is the chap who arranged to have her unfortunately had a medical problem which meant he could no longer take the bitch on. Here is the original post


After months of thought I have decided to let my lurcher bitch go this has not been a easy decision and don't want to be messed about. She has been with me since I picked her from the litter out of my lurcher bitch I have owned for 12 years I still own her now. Reason for sale is she 4 1/2 year old with plenty of life in her and loves getting out on the lamp. Unfortunately I have had to lay off it due to work and family commitments.


Dam: bedlington greyhound

Sire : deerhound greyhound x collie greyhound


Not going to let her go to anyone so understand if I knock you back if I don't think your right for her. Her name is Jess 24tts rough coat fawn bitch proper looking lurcher in my opinion She has been my main working bitch since 16 months old due to mother had few bad injuries decided to retire her early. Very keen bitch She will work for you all night long. She has seen plenty had some good seasons with her lamping also had some good days out ferreting. She has not had pups yet and never tried. She will jump gates go through gates which ever she feels like doing. She has a very good nose on her and will pick up on scent she will follow scent out mocching daytime but she is good on recall never had any problems. On the lamp she works really well always looking and waiting for the slip not much she doesn't catch. She will bring back alive to hand sometimes but other times few yards from you when she will let you take from her. I walk my dogs nearly everyday on days they don't get out they will at least get out the kennel stretch there legs in the garden they are fed everyday without fail. I am looking for someone who will keep her for rest of her days work her what she loves doing most and also treat her like a part of family like she has been here.


I am asking a price for her if I don't someone will. So price is £200 to be giving a good home


I am located in devon


Will add pics soon as I can get on computer or can send me message with contact I can send you some


Any questions feel free to ask


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That's a good honest ,and from the heart write up of the dog matey, somebody, the lucky gits are going to land emselves a decent working dog, and friend, I just hope she gets a good home, and bonds with her new owner


Cheers mate really is a genuine and regrettable sale but she need a good working and forever home

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Does she live outside pal? Would she share a kennel with another bitch? If so then I'd happily take her on, she will want for nothing with me. Send me your number by pm and I will ring you for a chat. Atb sean

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