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daryl saluki

Lucky Bred Pups

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that's 1 of the pups I bred out of Wayne's dog lucky X Inca she is full sister to sugar ray lightning X mouse which is old lucky the dark destroyer X kippers tipper these pups are all doing well and not 11 months old yet

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I had a lovely lucky bred dog direct from the dark destroyer himself to a half cross sal grey bitch


Lightning fast, broke his wind in North Yorkshire one Saturday and he went biscuits


He never let me down again in public


You could point and slip him , hunt him in the rough and he'd find stuff


I owe the majority of my kills to this dog, he was a ferocious striker , never bred him, one of my regrets


Good luck with the blood, it can throw a mixed lot esp on the big land , but at the time was perfect for me

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Ran him on larger land than he was used to and after two runs went into the van pissing everywhere and gassed


Few nights in the box and some electrolytes into him and he was back on form again , stronger than ever , as in 3 4 5 mins at pace no bother ,


Funny you mention dr johns, he was a strange one, on meat he'd run like a pig , but on mix and scraps he was the best dog I've had by far

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Thought so, never heard that expression or it doing them any good, if ya don't ask.......

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