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Hello everyone,


I'm a young "Decoyman" from the Netherlands. A Decoyman is someone who uses (tame)ducks and a structure to catch wildfowl, consisting of a central pond and radiating water-filled arms.


Recently I found out that England has it's own duck decoys and I'm hoping to come into contact with people who know more about this. I wonder if in the UK it is legal to use the duck decoy as a hunting method.


Decoyman is a dying profession and I'm trying to keep it alive. My dream would be to maintain several duck decoys throughout Europe together with other hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.


I hope I made some of you interested in this and I would love to tell more about this wonderful profession.

Thanks for having me on this forum.


Greetings from Holland

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Thanks everyone. @ Matthew Roots

Hunting in the Netherlands is nearly impossible with all the rules, high costs and too few hunting grounds. I live in Noordwijk(flowerbulb region), close to Leiden and The Hague.

sounds like over here pal my mates mum used to live in Lydon used to go over regularly
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