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Pleased With My New Tikka T3X .222

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as some will know I posted recently about the .222 and had some great feedback which encouraged me to follow my gut and get this calibre.


spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon shooting with a few different bullets to get used to the new rifle, it's my first centrefire just to add.


visited a local permission for a while yesterday evening and called for foxes to no avail.


I tried the same spot earlier this evening with the same result, so I relocated about 300 yards further along and started my remote fox caller and within a couple of minutes out dashed a young dog fox heading straight for the call, I was down and looking through the scope as he came to a stop I dropped him with a chest shot at about 100 yards. I used hornady 50g v max.


the land owner heard the shot and came out to have a look and was well pleased.


so far, I'm very happy with my new purchase as you can imagine.



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it's a Stalon w110. seems okay to me but I have no experience of any other mods for centrefire.


it came with the rifle and the scope

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Is that a nikko stirling scope?

Can't quite make out the writing.


Looks a lovely scope

it is yes, nikko Stirling diamond lr 4-16x50

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Great shooting belly , and you made the write choice of rifle ,,bet your over the moon !

Atb Dave

cheers Dave


very happy so far, money well spent I think

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Told ya :yes: .222 lovely fox medicine.



...and .22Lr, HMR, WMR, Hornet, .223, .243 etc etc and all those I've forgotten!



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