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big napper

Took The Hw100 Out This Morning

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I went out this morning for a few hours with the hw100, my first shot was a rabbit at about 15 mtr away under a log and i missed it, (well pissed off).

So i set out some pea size stones at 15, 25,35 and 45 mtrs i started with 45 and worked down to 15 and got them all, tried a few more at 15 and got them so it must have been me getting giddy with the first shot and missing, after a walk about i ended up with 2 rabbits and 4 collards all within those ranges.




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wouldn't be much of a sport if we nailed everything we aim at bn ;)

I fcuk up more shots under 20 yard than any others!!


nice one :thumbs::thumbs:


atb si

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Your right si, close shots are harder than long shots for me


took my new 100 out tonight bn missed a few things :whistling: 20yrd'ers

dropped a few at good ranges but shot of the day for me was a ferrel in a barn at about 8yrd... jsb heavy straight through it made a right clatter on the sheeting :D

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Does my swede in when I cant see the rifle :)


Dips proper right in those images man.


Shooting naps.

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Nice one si, get some pics up mate,

only took one of the ferrel bn...

first woody dropped like a brick,couldnt find it in the bushes/nettles second flew to a second tree then dropped after a min!

couldn't find that either so I went back and chilled on a bale waiting for a lone fat rat that didn't show :(



off out tonight if work hasn't done me in :thumbs:

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