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223 Granted

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Welcome to the world of centrefire.


Tikka T3 :thumbs: Terrific guns.



Howa 1500

Weatherby (same gun as Howa)

Remington 700 (not so much)

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Thanks walshie

So t3 is your first choice



It sure is. I've got he T3 Lite.

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If we are talking general field work, the Howas offer some deals, and the CZ 527 223 Synthetic is superb VFM, but without breaking the bank the T3 is seriously worth a look, (in honesty I'm not the biggest fan of the T3 Lite stock, balance all round is better with the Hunter stock) even though I like LIGHT rifles for the field.


You just need to decide on wood/synthetic and Varmint or light barrel!

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Another one for the T3 lite , closely followed by the CZ ...both great bits of kit reasonably priced ..

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