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mark williams

Which Mounts To Buy For Both Pcp Or Springer ?

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I use Sports Match mounts on all my rifles, springers or pcp :rtfm: .


I always check my zero before hunting and always find my scopes stay spot on.


I recently was forced into using Hawke mounts on one of my springers as the RFD was waiting for his delivery of Sports Match.

I ended up having to re zero half way through a decoying session with the FWB Sport 124 :censored: - she is now wearing Sports Match mounts again.


I have yet, to be let down, in any way, using the Sports Match mounts in any discipline of shooting.




atb Mark.

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On a springer then sportsmatch but on PCP's no really need ,no recoil as such

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I like Sportsmatch :thumbs:


BKL are good but expensive.


Nikko Sterling mounts are shite.


I've had a scope move on a springer in Hawke mounts.


I use a 1pc Sportsmatch on the HW100 and a Dampa mount on the 97 - never let me down.

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Spring rifle shooter me, so I only use Sportsmatch 2-piece mounts. Single mounts don't give you quite the same degree of flexibility to mount your scope to exactly where it needs to be in respect of perfect eye-relief and scope-weight distribution over the action, I've found.


And other makes of mounts are monkey metal by comparison. Hawke mounts on a recoilless PCP are OK.....but on nothing else as regards type of action.


Having spent a fortune on a fine quality spring rifle counts for little, if your mounts are poor and won't stay put under recoil. And nor will your zero as a consequence. :hmm:

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