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Shark Fishing

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Are the sharks able to be returned mate?


Yeah all went back alive and well 👍

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What species if tuna? Interesting to hear there's a few about. Would have thought they'd have been scooped up by the commercial lit, intentionally or otherwise.



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The skipper said blue finn, apparently 200-300lb some of em. I'm not 100% convinced. Surely someone would really target em

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They are blue fin and they are being targeted...

I know one was caught off Plymouth this year, closer to 500lb!!

There are a couple of boats that have been doing it off of the west coast of Ireland for a few years now, lots of stuff in our waters now, I reckon there'll be a few big game boats going out of Devon or Cornwall over the coming years, for those who are willing to spend the time and money at it

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5 hours ago, Spit-fir said:

Great pictures. Wouldn’t mind trying a bit off shark fishing myself 

Contact Kevin mckie of size matters. He's in Plymouth in summer and Liverpool in winter, he will be more or less booked up now for summer sharking but him will try his best to fit you in.......top skipper

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Nice one on the shark, had a few myself in Cornwall, must get my boat back down there.


thought it was illegal to 'target' tuna, and if caught 'accidentally' your not able to land them

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We can't target catch and release tuna with rod and line yet EU countries with quota could come and smash whole shoals.......madness. 

The tuna landed by charter boats in the UK were hooked accidently on shark baits. The fish were brought on board by experienced skippers to unhook as they decided it was the best thing to do 👍

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