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Shark Fishing

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Just booked a trip from Plymouth in September.....any one else been?

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Nice fish... I'll get myself on one of them one day, I love my tope fishing. Couple of weeks ago had the great pleasure of watching my 11 year old lad , hook into and land his first, 25lb....

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Over the moon....that's one ticked off the list. My brother had one of 98lb as well. Saw some massive groups of big tuna smashing up balls of bait fish. Saw loads of dolphins and had a massive gar fish (another on the wish list).


Trip of a lifetime 👍👍


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Great stuff mate





Managed a trip out of Plymouth a few weeks back, had 8 shark between us, nothing big 30lb the biggest... my lad and my niece had a couple which was great..

Same as you saw a huge shoal of tuna and loads of dolphins... was a great trip

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The gar was bigger than it looks in the photo! I was gutted when it was cut up for shark bait....it did catch the 98lb blue though with ten minutes to go. Think the sharks were following the gar as we would catch a few gar just before getting a shark. Gar was the only bait that would get a take as well



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